What is FAB?

Fairburn Avenue Boosters (FAB) is a volunteer, parent-led booster club with a mission to support the students and teachers of Fairburn Avenue Elementary School through community-building activities and fundraising events. From the Fall Festival to Teacher Appreciation week, FAB is there for Fairburn, ensuring the school has the revenue needed to provide vital programs for students not budgeted for by LAUSD. Please watch our (very) short video for an overview of all we do for Fairburn.

FAB has an all-volunteer Board of Directors that plans and manages the annual fundraising and community events at our school. These efforts, however, are only successful when we have support from our entire parent body. Our school relies heavily on generous donations of money and time from parents. The funds raised by FAB go directly to support the enrichment of classroom instruction, programs and activities, as well as the purchase of supplies and equipment.

All parents of Fairburn students are expected to volunteer their time in support of the school. Please visit our Volunteer page to find out how you can get involved.

Join us at our upcoming meetings to find out how you can get involved (meetings are held in the Multipurpose Room at 8:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted):

  • August 28, 2019

  • September 11, 2019
  • October 16, 2019
  • November 14, 2019 (evening meeting)
  • January 15, 2020
  • February 5, 2020
  • March 12, 2020
  • April 23, 2020
  • May 6, 2020

Fundraising for Fairburn Avenue Elementary School

It’s a reality that funds from LAUSD do not cover some very basic needs. We are fortunate that our generous parent community steps up to fill the funding gap to provide critical enhancements in support of instruction and learning at Fairburn. The majority of our funding is raised during our Annual Pledge Drive, which is held in the fall.

In 2018-19 the Fairburn community raised over $400,000 to continue the great work of our school. Here is a link to our budget for 2018-19.

These funds were used to provide classroom, art and gardening supplies, PE equipment and to underwrite critical programs and staffing, including supplies and equipment.

FAB Board of Directors

Co-President: Mariana Flynn
Co-President: Rachel Davidson
Co-Vice President Fundraising: Alissa Mafrice
Co-Vice President Fundraising: Barbara Bridges Tasco
Vice President Communications: Kara Kirk
Vice President Staffing and Student Support: Rachelle Cohen and Megan Weiner
Co-Secretary: Shilpa Baweja
Co-Secretary: Charlie Stickney
Treasurer: Suzanne Neuman
Web Designer: Jason Richmond

FAB Board 2019-20

Mariana Flynn
Mariana FlynnCo-President
Rachel Davidson
Rachel DavidsonCo-President
Alissa Mafrice
Alissa MafriceVP of Fundraising
Kara Kirk
Kara KirkVice President Communications
Rachelle Cohen
Rachelle CohenVice President Staffing and Student Support
Megan Weiner
Megan WeinerVice President Staffing and Student Support
Shilpa Baweja
Shilpa Baweja Secretary
Charlie Stickney
Charlie StickneySecretary
Suzanne Neuman
Suzanne NeumanTreasurer
Jason Richmond
Jason RichmondWeb Designer

FAB Committees

FAB Committees/Committee Chairs
Ice Cream Welcome Mixer: Megan Weiner, Sima Bosnjacovic
Taste of Fairburn: Martha Gonzalez, Samantha Jankoff
Fall Festival: Sima Bosnjacovic, Bryce Ozur
Career Day: Alice Young
Valentines Grams: Bryce Ozur, Wendy Richmond
Spring Auction: Jess Clifton, Robin Butler, Annie Roller
Art Night: Beth Stromborg, Wendy Richmond, Jacqui Cohen, Alice Young
Teacher and Staff Appreciation: Karine Bernous, Megan Weiner, Nina Hong, Nazia Rahman
Movie Night: Mou Chatterjee
Friday Ice Cream: Luciana Boneti
Fairwear Coordinator: Selby Van Horne
Yearbook: Davita Kies
School Marquee: Neda Aziz
Car Line Coordinator: Nina Beral
Fairburn Facelifts/Campus Beautification: Kent Foster
Hospitality (Coffees, Tours, Registration, etc.): Charlie Stickney
Room Parent Coordinator: Annie Roller, Kent Foster
External Outreach: Beth Stromberg, Anna Kingston, Debbie Cowart
Assembly Programming: Mou Chatterjee
Library Reading Program: Annie Roller, Wendy Richmond
Corporate Sponsorships: Peyton Perrine
Accounting Manager: Colleen Mun


Annual Budget

The 2019-20 budget will be drafted in August/September and posted once it has been vetted and approved by Fairburn school administrators and Fairburn parents. Please attend the FAB meeting on September 11 to find out more.

Teacher’s Assistants
School Supplies
Computer Equipment
Field Trips